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Friday, November 17, 2017

South Charlotte Services Desperate For Customers Posts Their Images On Our Google Business Page

Travis Clay, the owner of South Charlotte Services, is so desperate for TV mounting customers in the Charlotte NC area that he has posted pictures of his work on our Google business page with his website in the image. You can see our phone number in the second picture on the left but that fuzzy image on the right and the top left with the Christmas trees is his work, not ours. If you were to click on that image, it would lead you to his poorly made website instead of our professionally-built SEO managed website. South Charlotte Services' current website looks like it was designed by a 5-year old. We reported his image to Google and sent him a cease and desist order to have it immediately removed on 11/17/2017.

Infinite Designs began operating installing flat screen TVs in the Charlotte area in 2003. Travis Clay and South Charlotte Service have been a problem since he and "his little crew of handymen" began trying to mount TVs in the Charlotte NC area about 7-8 years ago. They have stalked me, the owner of Infinite Designs, and even showed up at our customers' homes to try and harass our employees while on the job. We were advised by our attorneys to notify the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department to protect our safety. We have posted concerns about Travis Clay and his ability to properly run a TV mounting service in the Charlotte NC area because of his poor decision making and his drinking problem. Travis Clay's sister-in-law explained to me that he makes bad decisions and drinks too much. She also told me that her sister, Travis' girlfriend, cannot digest her food because of stomach issues. I did not want to have to engage Travis' rants, but after repeatedly ignoring them, I had no choice so I researched his Mecklenburg County arrest records which are public record. I satisifed my curiosity. I'm not the one to judge. We all have faults, myself included, but after several customers complained to us about their TVs falling off the wall, we thought you should know who they pointed the finger at before someone and not just something gets hurt or even killed.

TV wall mounting is a very serious business. An alcoholic or anyone that deceives customers to get their business is not someone I would trust to hang my expensive TV in my home, mostly because of safety and trust issues. Some of our customers have complained about their TVs being broken by South Charlotte Services. Imagine if that same TV were to fall and kill or injure a kid or beloved pet. Now that's something to ponder...that's a major lawsuit, not just an insurance claim or money out of your pocket you won't get reimbursed. We take pride in and thank you for your trust, dedication, and our 14 magnificent years of service.

1. Saving kids' and pets' lives...
2. Preventing mishaps and accidental furniture tip-overs,
3. Extending the life of your tv,
4. Saving you space,
5. Making your move easier...

1. Deception
2. Drinking
3. Having our sister-in-law call and plead with the competition to back off after we've started a problem because we have stomach issues, drinking problems and can't digest our food...

Be smart. I'm not saying choose Infinite Designs for your TV mounting service but I am telling you to make a choice you might not regret later. Maybe you won't have the same problems with the same person like me and those customers if you read this blog.


Monday, October 23, 2017

Why You Should Hire A Locally Owned TV Mounting Service

Why You Should Hire A Locally Owned TV Mounting Service

We have been serving Charlotte NC and the surrounding area for the past 14 years. Our services include wall mounting flat screen televisions and concealing the wires in the wall as well as various home theater services such as speaker and soundbar installation and projector and screen placement.

When we began our small business in 2003, we were the first to provide a free wall mount with every installation. We created this idea out of the wide range of wall mounts that our customers were buying. We began carrying a wide range of wall mounts to replace the wrong sizes and types of wall mounts that we encountered, so we decided the easiest way to make every installation seamless was to provide the wall mount ourself. You also save time and money by using ours and thats a win-win.

Over the years, we have seen local and national companies attempt to adopt our idea of providing the tv wall mount for the customer. Our formula still works best for the customer because we are directly in connection with you from the original phone call to the day of the installation, as opposed to a customer service rep who has never mounted a tv in their life. This way, you don't have to worry about a handyman or contractor showing up with the wrong supplies or even worse, no supplies at all. We have encountered several complaints from customers having to reschedule with us after the handyman from a national tv mounting company showed up with the wrong mount or without a wall mount because they thought the customer had it or were supposed to pay for it and wait while they run around town and find a cheap one that day.

Our trucks and vans come fully stocked with wall mounts, cables, anchors, shelves and other accessories so if you have a last minute request or change to your tv mounting service, we can easily accomodate that.

We are easy to find online and social media (@freetvmounts on Facebook and Instagram) and have fast, flexible scheduling. That means if you have a problem with your tv, or require next day service, we will most likely be able to assist.

Our no-fall guarantee and experienced technicians make us the top choice for TV wall mounting in the Charlotte NC area.

Visit for more details.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

TVs Can Be Replaced, Lives Can Not...Customers Report TVs Coming Off The Wall In Charlotte NC

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As I was making my way to my first customer's doorstep, I was approached by a young man working with Sal's Moving Company named Shawn. He asked me for a business card and I replied that I was out but I would text him a digital business card with my contact info. I shook his hand and asked him what I could help him with. His face changed to desperation and almost anger as he told me he hired someone to hang his new TV but it came off the wall and fell onto the floor. After 13 years of wall mounting TVs in the Charlotte area, this story sounded too familiar so I asked Shawn who he hired to mount his TV. Shawn could not remember his name, but described the installer as best as he could. I pulled out my I-phone and googled "SOUTH CHARLOTTE SERVICES TRAVIS CLAY." I asked Shawn to look at the same pictures I inserted at the beginning of the blog above and tell me if he saw the guy who installed his TV that fell. 
Shawn immediately identified Travis Clay, the owner of South Charlotte Services, as the installer. Shawn said he tried numerous times to contact Travis after his TV mount began to separate from the wall and became crooked, but could not get anyone to answer the phone or return his messages. Luckily, Shawn was smart enough to place a pillow under his new TV before it actually fell so it didn't shatter like some other TVs I've had to replace. Moral of the story is...Be careful who you choose to mount your flatscreen tv in the Charlotte area. Our professional tv installers will ensure that your tv never pulls away from the wall or falls on you, your kids, or pets. Remember...TVs can be replaced. Lives can not.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

South Charlotte Services TV Mounting Service Unsatisfied Customers TVs Falling off the Wall


"South Charlotte Services"...Do not be fooled by the advertised $75 or 80 TV mounting deal.
South Charlotte Services is gaining a bad reputation for falling TVs and faulty tv mounting in the Charlotte NC area. We have had customers complain about their faulty TV installation and not being able to track down John Travis Clay after they encounter problems with South Charlotte Services TV Mounting Service. The complaints range from TVs falling off the wall because of improper mounting techniques, poor height choice, and even faulty wiring in the wall, causing a fire hazard. Now, I keep a picture of John Travis Clay in my phone and ask every customer with a complaint..."Is this the guy?" They keep answering, "Yeah, thats him!"

South Charlotte Services offers a basic TV Mounting Package starting at only $75-80 with your mount but is your expensive TV worth taking an $75-80 risk? No!
Even if it's an old cheap 32" TV, you want the best affordable service you can find, right?
At Infinite Designs, we raise the bar on home theater and TV wall mounting! 
We understand that TV mounting is not your professional field, but it is ours. 
So, through our years of experience and customer interaction, we have developed a simple solution for your TV wall mounting needs. We supply the wall mount and in-wall wiring free with every installation! This avoids you having to run around town, shop and guess about what overpriced TV mount in the store or online might fit your TV when we show up. We included everything except the TV (wall mount, cables, AC/power bridge) in our free flat quote.

We are minority-owned and experts at what we do. This has caused some obvious jealousy in the Charlotte area where some people, like John Travis Clay of South Charlotte Services, don't want to see our business flourish.
Our technicians pass a 10-year background check. South Charlotte Services is posting ads on Craigslist and online with a link to our criminal background from over 10 years ago, trying to give our excellent reputation a bad scar. 

John Travis Clay, the owner of South Charlotte Services, won't admit that they both have a drinking problem. Fortunately for us, his sister-in-law, disclosed this important information when she called our business phone years ago, pleading for us to stop feuding with John Travis Clay. She stated John Travis Clay cannot stop drinking, has recent DUIs, drug arrests and is stressed out because of his girlfriends inability to digest food. 


Fortunately, for you and I, that's not my problem or your problem! 
But it does explain his constant need to constantly talk bad about Infinite Designs and explains his poor tv mounting and home theater skills.

Make the wise choice. Drink responsibly. Above all else...DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

Think about our kids and their safety before you get behind the wheel or operate any machinery impaired.

We do not like to judge people or expose faults but we will defend our reputation against monsters like this and we feel that it is our duty to present and future customers to know about hack TV mounting handymen like John Travis Clay and South Charlotte Services. We all make mistakes in life but we believe in work performance, positive reviews, and making our marketing stand out above the competition. 


It's not what you've done with your life...It's what you're doing with your life!

We are Charlotte's top choice in TV mounting and home theater. Call 7049052965 for a free quote!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Charlotte TV Wall Mounting Service Free Wall Mount With Installation Prices $99 And Up

Free Wall Mount With Your Professional TV Wall Mounting Service!

What is the most important factor when looking for a professional TV wall mounting service?
Price? Warranty? Pictures? Reviews? Experience? Customer service?
All of the above are very important. That's why you should choose TV Mount Charlotte for your professional commercial and residential flat screen TV installation needs.

We have provided a superior professional TV mounting service staffed with top-notch experts for the Charlotte NC and surrounding areas for over a decade now. We offer same day and next day appointments when available.
We currently have over 3600 customers in our database to this date and most of them are repeat or referred customers. We have performed over 10,000 successful residential and commercial TV installations to date.

Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to fireplaces, apartments, corners, outdoors, and places of business like offices, gyms, hospitals, and more! 
We securely mount flat screen TVs to any surface...brick, stone, metal studs, wood, drywall, ceilings, walls with no studs, and more.
We offer a seamless "no wires showing" option with our professional TV mounting service. We conceal low voltage cables such as HDMI, optical, and Ethernet for smart TVs. We have a custom power bridge solution and install an electrical outlet behind every TV when possible so your home warranty and safety is not compromised by a fire hazard.
Are you looking for somewhere to put your cable box, gaming system, and DVD player besides a TV stand on the floor? We also provide and wall mount shelving for your home theater components. 

Safety is our number one focus and concern, secondary to providing you the perfect looking TV mount installation. We picture a small child climbing up and playing with your TV while you sleep! 
This visual gives our professional TV mounting technicians the only mindset they want to have in your home...

We attempt to hang from each TV wall mounting bracket with our feet off the floor before we even install your TV on the wall!
An improperly mounted TV or a TV sitting on a stand could seriously injure or even kill a child or adult!

Once every three weeks, a kid is killed in the US by a TV being tipped over. 13,000 children a year are seen for injuries resulting from television tip-overs.

You don't have to run around town or shop online for a wall mount that you hope might fit your TV when we arrive. We provide a free wall mount with our TV mounting service and even include it and concealing your cables in the wall in the quote. Our competitors cannot match our prices because we manufacture and import our supplies directly from China. 
Our TV mounts are made of 100% steel, as opposed to many cheap TV mounting brackets and kits we see customers buy from other vendors that are made of hardened plastic and fragile. This leads to a sub par installation which is below our professional TV mounting standards.


We display each TV mount installation in various galleries online...
YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google 
Feel free to take a look for any ideas we can suggest for your next professional TV mount installation.

We also provide a sound bar wall mounting and wire concealing service. Each sound bar needs a power and optical or HDMI cable to operate and many customers also want these wires concealed. No problem for our professional TV mount installers.

What if you never had to buy another DVD or bluray in your life? We sell the infamous FreeTVMovieBox Fire Stick and Android TV Boxes to help you eliminate or reduce your monthly cable bill and stream live TV and movies free.

Secure Paypal Transaction Online...704-905-2965 to schedule local pickup 
(Charlotte area only)

Make sure you hire a professional TV mount installer when its time to have your TVs and home theater system installed!

Thanks for reading our blog!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Falling TVs Kill Record Number of Kids in the US - We Are Your #1 Trusted Source For TV Wall Mounting

Falling TVs Kill Record Number of Kids in the US Make Us Your #1 Trusted Source For TV Wall Mounting and Home Theater Installation


The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released a report on Thursday (December 13, 2012) that estimates about 43,000 people are injured in a television or furniture tip-over related incident each year, more than 25,000, or 59 percent, of whom are children.
The report also showed that 349 people were killed between 2000 and 2011 by a falling television, appliance or piece of furniture -- 84 percent of them were kids younger than 9 years old. Falling televisions were more deadly, accounting for 62 percent of these fatalities. Last year alone, a record 41 tip-over related fatalities occurred.
The worrisome trends the report spotlighted indicated that three children are injured by a tip-over every hour -- or 71 children per day -- and one child is killed every two weeks. Seventy percent of injuries involving children were caused by televisions, followed by 26 percent caused by furniture like dressers or tables.
We take pride in being the #1 trusted source for flatscreen TV wall mounting and TV wall mount installation in the Charlotte, NC and surrounding area.
We are your top choice because our main concern is not the safety of the TV, but the safety of your family. We install every flat screen TV with a heightened level of safety to ensure that you and your family can feel comfortable to play around and under the wall mounted TV. Most of our TV wall mount installations support the weight of an average man doing a pull up, so you can rest assured that it will support the weight of your TV over the years of hanging along with the undeniable constant force of gravity.
In our 8 years of mounting flat screen TVs, we have come across many nightmares - inexperienced installers, inferior TV wall mounts, incorrect mounting methods, wiring hazards, etc. 
Your TV wall mounting project should be left to a professional with years of experience and the proper credentials to safely install and conceal all wiring necessary for your flat screen TV wall mount installation, along with properly connecting it to your home theater system.
Almost anyone can wall mount a TV, we make sure its done the right way the first time so your kids can eat a bowl of cereal and play under it!
Whether you need your LED, LCD, or plasma flat screen TV mounted over the fireplace, in a niche / cutout / TV box, outdoors, in the corner on a full motion wall mount, or just flat on the wall, we stock the TV wall mount and cables you need. We even include the TV wall mount and HDMI cables with every TV wall mount installation so you can rest assured our custom materials are just right for your job!
We also provide...
*TV mounting, unmounting and relocation services,
*Remote control programming and consolidation,
*In-wall cabling and wire concealing,
*Commercial business monitor and IPTV installation,
*Complete home theater installation,
*Overhead projector ceiling mounting and movie screen installation,
*Surround sound and in-ceiling / in-wall speaker installation,
*Cable jack / phone jack / ethernet (CAT5) jack installation and relocating,
*Attic wallfishing and crawlspace wiring, and
*Custom Bose home theater installations.
Contact TV Mount Charlotte or Charlotte Home Theater at 704-905-2965 for a free phone estimate today.
Check out our websites, pictures and videos at the bottom of this blog.
Thanks for reading!




Tuesday, November 6, 2012



This blog is to help the average home owner choose the right TV wall mounting service and home theater installer for their home. 

Most homeowners don't have a clue how to properly wall mount a flat screen TV or install a 5.1 or 7.1 home theater system. Purchasing the home theater components like a TV, projector, and surround sound system can be a task within itself. Knowing how to properly install it in your unwired or prewired home is another challenge, especially hiding the wires or wiring and concealing the cables. This is where the professional home theater installer comes in.

I have over 23 years experience in home interior and exterior wiring for homes and commercial structures.
My experience began at the age of 17 when I entered the US Army as a 29N - Telephone Repairer. I learned telephony and communication support, to include home and field wiring and demarcation installations.

After the military, I branched into cellular phone and pager technology. This prepared me for the mobile and wifi / smart home theater technology I would later deal with.

I spent over 16 years installing digital voice over ip phone systems, cable, satellite, audio/video components, computers and televisions in homes and businesses before taking on the gruesome task of prewiring homes. I spent 3 years prewiring new homes, condos, and apartments. I also returned after the drywall was installed to trim the wiring and install home theater wall plates, junction boxes, components, speakers, and other home theater equipment.
After prewiring homes, I have the knowledge to walk in a home and see it as a skeleton without the walls and ceilings, which is a definite advantage over the average handyman-turned-home-theater-installer. This skill coupled with the prior knowledge of extensive home wiring for data, cable, ethernet, TV mounting, surround sound, and more make our TV wall mounting and home theater installation service your best choice.

All flat screen TV wall mount installations (basic and fireplace) include a FREE TILTING WALL MOUNT AND HDMI CABLES as opposed to inexperienced installers finishing the job after you run around crazy for supplies like TV mounts, cables, and wall plates. Surround sound installations begin at only $35/speaker for prewired homes. TV wall mounting services begin at only $99 with the wall mount. 

We sell and install complete 5.1 and 7.1 home theater systems with satellite, ceiling or inwall speakers for a flush, clean look, as well as sound bars with powered wireless subwoofers to help save you money as opposed to shopping at a big box store like Best Buy or H.H. Gregg. All purchases are new in the box and come with a 1-year warranty.

I have seen several home theater installers come and go in just the past 8 years, leaving the homeowner with problems to be addressed by me, the next technician. Many installers use the wrong hardware when mounting a TV, causing it to slowly pull away and fall crashing to the floor. This will ruin your flat screen TV, the wall, and possibly injure or even kill a loved family member or pet! You don't need this unfortunate experience happening to you.

Make the wise choice and choose Charlotte Home Theater / Infinite Designs Home Theater Pros for your professional flat screen TV and home theater installation service provider.

Call 704-905-2965 for a FREE ESTIMATE.