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Monday, March 14, 2016

Charlotte TV Wall Mounting Service Free Wall Mount With Installation Prices $99 And Up

Free Wall Mount With Your Professional TV Wall Mounting Service!

What is the most important factor when looking for a professional TV wall mounting service?
Price? Warranty? Pictures? Reviews? Experience? Customer service?
All of the above are very important. That's why you should choose TV Mount Charlotte for your professional commercial and residential flat screen TV installation needs.

We have provided a superior professional TV mounting service staffed with top-notch experts for the Charlotte NC and surrounding areas for over a decade now. We offer same day and next day appointments when available.
We currently have over 3600 customers in our database to this date and most of them are repeat or referred customers. We have performed over 10,000 successful residential and commercial TV installations to date.

Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to fireplaces, apartments, corners, outdoors, and places of business like offices, gyms, hospitals, and more! 
We securely mount flat screen TVs to any surface...brick, stone, metal studs, wood, drywall, ceilings, walls with no studs, and more.
We offer a seamless "no wires showing" option with our professional TV mounting service. We conceal low voltage cables such as HDMI, optical, and Ethernet for smart TVs. We have a custom power bridge solution and install an electrical outlet behind every TV when possible so your home warranty and safety is not compromised by a fire hazard.
Are you looking for somewhere to put your cable box, gaming system, and DVD player besides a TV stand on the floor? We also provide and wall mount shelving for your home theater components. 

Safety is our number one focus and concern, secondary to providing you the perfect looking TV mount installation. We picture a small child climbing up and playing with your TV while you sleep! 
This visual gives our professional TV mounting technicians the only mindset they want to have in your home...

We attempt to hang from each TV wall mounting bracket with our feet off the floor before we even install your TV on the wall!
An improperly mounted TV or a TV sitting on a stand could seriously injure or even kill a child or adult!

Once every three weeks, a kid is killed in the US by a TV being tipped over. 13,000 children a year are seen for injuries resulting from television tip-overs.

You don't have to run around town or shop online for a wall mount that you hope might fit your TV when we arrive. We provide a free wall mount with our TV mounting service and even include it and concealing your cables in the wall in the quote. Our competitors cannot match our prices because we manufacture and import our supplies directly from China. 
Our TV mounts are made of 100% steel, as opposed to many cheap TV mounting brackets and kits we see customers buy from other vendors that are made of hardened plastic and fragile. This leads to a sub par installation which is below our professional TV mounting standards.


We display each TV mount installation in various galleries online...
YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google 
Feel free to take a look for any ideas we can suggest for your next professional TV mount installation.

We also provide a sound bar wall mounting and wire concealing service. Each sound bar needs a power and optical or HDMI cable to operate and many customers also want these wires concealed. No problem for our professional TV mount installers.

What if you never had to buy another DVD or bluray in your life? We sell the infamous FreeTVMovieBox Fire Stick and Android TV Boxes to help you eliminate or reduce your monthly cable bill and stream live TV and movies free.

Make sure you hire a professional TV mount installer when its time to have your TVs and home theater system installed!

Thanks for reading our blog!