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Friday, December 14, 2012

Falling TVs Kill Record Number of Kids in the US - We Are Your #1 Trusted Source For TV Wall Mounting

Falling TVs Kill Record Number of Kids in the US Make Us Your #1 Trusted Source For TV Wall Mounting and Home Theater Installation


The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released a report on Thursday (December 13, 2012) that estimates about 43,000 people are injured in a television or furniture tip-over related incident each year, more than 25,000, or 59 percent, of whom are children.
The report also showed that 349 people were killed between 2000 and 2011 by a falling television, appliance or piece of furniture -- 84 percent of them were kids younger than 9 years old. Falling televisions were more deadly, accounting for 62 percent of these fatalities. Last year alone, a record 41 tip-over related fatalities occurred.
The worrisome trends the report spotlighted indicated that three children are injured by a tip-over every hour -- or 71 children per day -- and one child is killed every two weeks. Seventy percent of injuries involving children were caused by televisions, followed by 26 percent caused by furniture like dressers or tables.
We take pride in being the #1 trusted source for flatscreen TV wall mounting and TV wall mount installation in the Charlotte, NC and surrounding area.
We are your top choice because our main concern is not the safety of the TV, but the safety of your family. We install every flat screen TV with a heightened level of safety to ensure that you and your family can feel comfortable to play around and under the wall mounted TV. Most of our TV wall mount installations support the weight of an average man doing a pull up, so you can rest assured that it will support the weight of your TV over the years of hanging along with the undeniable constant force of gravity.
In our 9 years of mounting flat screen TVs, we have come across many nightmares - inexperienced installers, inferior TV wall mounts, incorrect mounting methods, wiring hazards, etc. 
Your TV wall mounting project should be left to a professional with years of experience and the proper credentials to safely install and conceal all wiring necessary for your flat screen TV wall mount installation, along with properly connecting it to your home theater system.
Almost anyone can wall mount a TV, we make sure its done the right way the first time so your kids can eat a bowl of cereal and play under it!
Whether you need your LED, LCD, or plasma flat screen TV mounted over the fireplace, in a niche / cutout / TV box, outdoors, in the corner on a full motion wall mount, or just flat on the wall, we stock the TV wall mount and cables you need. We even include the TV wall mount and HDMI cables with every TV wall mount installation so you can rest assured our custom materials are just right for your job!
We also provide...
*TV mounting, unmounting and relocation services,
*Remote control programming and consolidation,
*In-wall cabling and wire concealing,
*Commercial business monitor and IPTV installation,
*Complete home theater installation,
*Overhead projector ceiling mounting and movie screen installation,
*Surround sound and in-ceiling / in-wall speaker installation,
*Cable jack / phone jack / ethernet (CAT5) jack installation and relocating,
*Attic wallfishing and crawlspace wiring, and
*Custom Bose home theater installations.
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