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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

TVs Can Be Replaced, Lives Can Not...Customers Report TVs Coming Off The Wall In Charlotte NC

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As I was making my way to my first customer's doorstep, I was approached by a young man working with Sal's Moving Company named Shawn. He asked me for a business card and I replied that I was out but I would text him a digital business card with my contact info. I shook his hand and asked him what I could help him with. His face changed to desperation and almost anger as he told me he hired someone to hang his new TV but it came off the wall and fell onto the floor. After 13 years of wall mounting TVs in the Charlotte area, this story sounded too familiar so I asked Shawn who he hired to mount his TV. Shawn could not remember his name, but described the installer as best as he could. I pulled out my I-phone and googled "SOUTH CHARLOTTE SERVICES TRAVIS CLAY." I asked Shawn to look at the same pictures I inserted at the beginning of the blog above and tell me if he saw the guy who installed his TV that fell. 
Shawn immediately identified Travis Clay, the owner of South Charlotte Services, as the installer. Shawn said he tried numerous times to contact Travis after his TV mount began to separate from the wall and became crooked, but could not get anyone to answer the phone or return his messages. Luckily, Shawn was smart enough to place a pillow under his new TV before it actually fell so it didn't shatter like some other TVs I've had to replace. Moral of the story is...Be careful who you choose to mount your flatscreen tv in the Charlotte area. Our professional tv installers will ensure that your tv never pulls away from the wall or falls on you, your kids, or pets. Remember...TVs can be replaced. Lives can not.