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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

South Charlotte Services TV Mounting Service Unsatisfied Customers TVs Falling off the Wall


"South Charlotte Services"...Do not be fooled by the advertised $75 or 80 TV mounting deal.
South Charlotte Services is gaining a bad reputation for falling TVs and faulty tv mounting in the Charlotte NC area. We have had customers complain about their faulty TV installation and not being able to track down John Travis Clay after they encounter problems with South Charlotte Services TV Mounting Service. The complaints range from TVs falling off the wall because of improper mounting techniques, poor height choice, and even faulty wiring in the wall, causing a fire hazard. Now, I keep a picture of John Travis Clay in my phone and ask every customer with a complaint..."Is this the guy?" They keep answering, "Yeah, thats him!"

South Charlotte Services offers a basic TV Mounting Package starting at only $75-80 with your mount but is your expensive TV worth taking an $75-80 risk? No!
Even if it's an old cheap 32" TV, you want the best affordable service you can find, right?
At Infinite Designs, we raise the bar on home theater and TV wall mounting! 
We understand that TV mounting is not your professional field, but it is ours. 
So, through our years of experience and customer interaction, we have developed a simple solution for your TV wall mounting needs. We supply the wall mount and in-wall wiring free with every installation! This avoids you having to run around town, shop and guess about what overpriced TV mount in the store or online might fit your TV when we show up. We included everything except the TV (wall mount, cables, AC/power bridge) in our free flat quote.

We are minority-owned and experts at what we do. This has caused some obvious jealousy in the Charlotte area where some people, like John Travis Clay of South Charlotte Services, don't want to see our business flourish.
Our technicians pass a 10-year background check. South Charlotte Services is posting ads on Craigslist and online with a link to our criminal background from over 10 years ago, trying to give our excellent reputation a bad scar. 

John Travis Clay, the owner of South Charlotte Services, won't admit that they both have a drinking problem. Fortunately for us, his sister-in-law, disclosed this important information when she called our business phone years ago, pleading for us to stop feuding with John Travis Clay. She stated John Travis Clay cannot stop drinking, has recent DUIs, drug arrests and is stressed out because of his girlfriends inability to digest food. 


Fortunately, for you and I, that's not my problem or your problem! 
But it does explain his constant need to constantly talk bad about Infinite Designs and explains his poor tv mounting and home theater skills.

Make the wise choice. Drink responsibly. Above all else...DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

Think about our kids and their safety before you get behind the wheel or operate any machinery impaired.

We do not like to judge people or expose faults but we will defend our reputation against monsters like this and we feel that it is our duty to present and future customers to know about hack TV mounting handymen like John Travis Clay and South Charlotte Services. We all make mistakes in life but we believe in work performance, positive reviews, and making our marketing stand out above the competition. 


It's not what you've done with your life...It's what you're doing with your life!

We are Charlotte's top choice in TV mounting and home theater. Call 7049052965 for a free quote!